CourtTech is a German made and engineered product with the reputation for quality that has a standing accreditation with the World Squash Federation, giving you high security for your financial investment.

CourtTech may only be a young company but has grown due to the previous owners 30 years experience and knowledge of building courts all over the world.

The sand filled CourtTech walls provide a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs enormous vibrations. The special tongue and groove connection between the boards guarantees long durability.

CourtTech offer a 5 year warranty for the walls and 5 years for other elements of the squash court.

The final on site finish provides a joint less playing surface for all climate conditions, especially for all humidity levels. 

CourtTech builds complete squash courts in new or existing buildings, all glass show courts as well as all glass club courts. We retro-fit front walls to solve on-going plaster or panel issues, and install glass backs to open up those corridors. CourtTech also install moveable walls to make better use of your facility, height adjustable tins and sports floors.

Building could take as little as two days to retro-fit a front wall or ie: two weeks for two complete courts causing minimal down time on business operation.




Sarah Fitz-Gerald is a former professional squash player and 5 x World Champion. She still plays squash and racquetball, travels all over the world fro squash, and now is on the other side of the court.....building them. Sarah is passionate about squash and has her heart and soul in the game.

Her husband, Cameron Dalley has over 30 years experience in the building industry with extensive knowledge in carpentry, plastering and concreteing. Not only does he play squash but is passionate about it too. 

Cameron and Sarah hope to have a positive impact on the Squash community and continue to support the growth of Squash in Australia and Oceania.

We know our business.....building squash courts.


CourtTech Australia have now built new or renovated squash courts all over the country as well as New Zealand, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea.

See our completed projects.

Sarah is loving getting back to grass roots and communicating with club owners and passionate squashies....her years on tour and travelling has given her a huge knowledge of players, club owners and venues.

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